Retirement home, Haus Vogelsang, 21.10.96 (Peter Schütt)

Keep firmly

When I have to do as young man with older persons I see a frequently occurring

difference between older and younger persons.

In the tendency the most persons remain from a certain age at that what they have learned.

They face changes considerably more skeptically than young persons, especially since the changes going on in the presence with breathtaking speed.

Younger person are sooner ready, to shift or reject current outlooks and customs.

One cannot say generally, if the "younger" kind or the "older" kind of thinking is better.

That depends on the situation and on the person .

In the bible is in some verses the "older" kind of thinkink a very high value ascribed.

In the revelation, the last book of the bible, contain in the beginning some letters, which are transmitted from Jesus to some Christian churches by a man named John. In one of these churches are big problems because people stood up, which wanted to tear the force at themselve. But some remained faithful and to them says Jesus: (Rev.2, 25)"Which you have, that captures, until I come."

Don't give away, what you have, for dubious changes !

Also to another church, which was pressed from outside, he said:

(Rev.3,11)"I'm coming soon. Keep, what you have, that noone can take your crown."

You keep the right one firmly, says Jesus of the church. Don't give it away !

But also the "younger" kind of thinking occurs in the bible. In the beginning of the gospel of John is described, how Jesus came to the world and how he was refused. But in Joh.1, 12; points:

however if anyone take him in, them he gave the right to become children of God, them, who believe in his name;"

It is a decisive change in the life to take somebody in. E.g. the ones, which have adopted a child, can surely tell us much about it. Also to take Jesus in changes the life fundamentally. Much from the things, which one has keeped up to now, such as (bad) habits, behaviors, ways of thinking will be recognized with his help as wrong and can be taken off. In this case it is easier for younger persons to change because they are generally more open for changes because of their mentality.

We heard that it is important, also by the bible, to keep certain matters.

However what keep and what reject ?

How does one judge this ? The bible tells us that everyone must jugde himself here on earth what to do, what is right or wrong. And after the death God will judge our life and give a final judgment. Therefore it is important, that the scale of the own judgment agrees here on the earth with the scale of God.

If someone takes in Jesus Christ and lies his current life down to him, then he gets Jesus Christ himself, he gets a personal relationship with Jesus Christ .

And this what you get then you can keep firmly and you will have this still after your death.