Impulses, thought-provoking, profound and entertaining

The following sermons on biblical topics are free for non-commercial use.

The contents are not meant to be simply taken over unchecked, but to stimulate discussion with Jesus Christ, even or especially if one may disagree with some or many points.
Each text represents my state of knowledge at the time I wrote it and may differ from my state of knowledge today (but probably not fundamentally).

Each text has been translated automatically.
If you have any questions, comments or criticisms, please feel free to discuss them by mail.

2023-01-29:Transparency: How much do we see when we look at ourselves? Are we transparent? Is God transparent?
2022-12-24:Hope in the darkness (Isaiah 9:1-6): What does Christmas have to do with hope and peace? Just the usual drivel? Or is there more?
2022-11-27:Woe, woe: Toxic behaviour: How much do you and I have in common with Pharisees? Does it have to be that way?
2022-10-02:Results of faith: What actually comes out of it?
2022-08-21:It's better to leave everything as it is...: Would you rather have familiar blows than an uncertain hope? Would you rather have familiar slavery than freedom in an unknown country?
2022-07-31:King or not: A bit like 'Game of Thrones' in the Bible... (1 Kings 12)
2022-06-19:Pygmalion effect: What is so expected...: What do our expectations do and how do the expectations of others affect us?
2019-12-24:Christmas and joy: Joy created by Christmas (sermon, parts of which are embedded in a nativity play)
2019-11-05:Strategy: Strategy? For my life? For the church?
2019-08-16:What goes? Everything depends on God's blessing.: What does God give us? And what is possible without his gift? (Psalm 127)
2019-06-23:Conduct for peace: Behavior that leads to peace; Closing sermon of the sermon series 'Peace'
2019-01-12:We never waver?: Are we wavering? God protects us (Psalm 125).
2018-12-16:Waiting: Wait? Expect? Sermon on Advent
2018-10-21:What if?: What if the Lord had not been for us... (Psalm 124)
2018-08-23:Until when?: Until when? (Psalm 13)
2018-07-08:To the top: On the Way to the Beginning (via Naamann, 2 Kings 5:1-19)
2017-12-24:Christmas sermon: Christmas Sermon on Luke 2:1–7
2017-08-13:The war and women: Sermon on Judges 4: War and Women ;-) Never go out without God!
2016-08-21:Happy: Sermon on Happiness (based on Psalm 1)
2016-04-03:The core of the Christian faith: Sermon on Romans 12:3-8
2016-01-24:Father-Our: Contemplation of the two Our Fathers
2015-10-04:Sowing and harvesting: Sermon on Psalm 126
2015-03-01:Out of conviction: I spread the good news out of conviction (campaign: 42 days for my friends)
2015-02-01:Who tells you the truth?: Who tells you the truth? (on Deuteronomy 18:9-19)
2014-11-23:War: Death and War (Sermon on the Sunday of the Dead)
2013-09-22:Fun: Fun in itself (sermon at the city festival service)
2013-09-01:Desert: The way to the desert
2012-11-11:Fun: Fun in being a Christian
2012-08-12:Pride: Sermon on Pride
2012-02-05:Drawers: About the advantages and disadvantages of drawers
1997-05-25:Lost: Lost? What is lost? A sheep, a coin, a son? Yourself?

Peter Schütt